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IGN: Things in Movies We Wish Were Real

IGN: We've all been there. In the dark, a 96 oz. soda in one hand, a box of Cruncha Bunch in the other, watching the cool sh!@ in the movie and wishing it was our sh!@. For real.

Mankind has yet to develop a tech similar to the ticket from Last Action Hero to bring items from the movie world into ours. Until then, we keep dreaming and making lists like this one of all the things from movies we wish were real.

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JL4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

lol Pretty fun lil article. I'd have to add the remote from "Click" as well I think.

Also, I remember going crazy over the hoverboard idea when I was a kid. Of course it didn't help that the people behind BTTF were instigating it and saying they did exist. Damn you Zemeckis!!!

alycakes4060d ago

The Transporter would be nice so you could beam where ever you needed to be. Sure would make things easier.

OSIRUSSS4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I want the Computer from Weird Science. Also I would mind having a pet Mogwai. Screw The Flux Capacitor just give me the TARDIS.