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YourEMGN - Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review

YourEMGN's Justin Writes: "I expected this movie to be a disappointing, after the second (Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen) did not have a good storyline. Megan Fox was gone, and I saw that as a speed bump for the writers. Can they even make a decent storyline with this issue in the way? Well, they sure as hell proved me wrong."

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Madusha4061d ago

I'm impressed with how well they coped with the loss of Megan Fox in the cast. I really thought it would be terrible.

Dysmorphic4060d ago

This review has to be a joke, surely? "...[O]ne of the greatest storylines of any movie I’ve ever seen."


I agree it has probably the best storyline out of the trilogy but, wow, all time's an overstatement. It was predictable at best and at its worst, completely incoherent. It served its purpose though, which was to push the action forward.

In future, try spicing up your writing style too; the review seemed bland. Also, a more detailed breakdown would be beneficial to the reader's enjoyment.

me3guy4060d ago

Look the film is pretty shit, it gets pretty boring and when does get stated it finishes to quickly anda word of advice the may have used 3d cameras bud dont watch this in 3d it was a let down

TheBeast4060d ago

It is all matter of a personal opinion, yours apparently differs from the site and mine. I enjoyed the movie due to the fact that it involved the space race during the Cold War.

People have opinions if you can't handle that, you should not be on the internet.

Madusha4059d ago

@TheBeast: Yup, that's the best way to put it.

Madusha4060d ago

@Dysmorphic: Lol mate, he dosen't say it's got the best story 'of all time'.

He says: "greatest storylines of any movie I’ve ever seen."

Dysmorphic4060d ago

The job of being a film critic entails the watching of copious amounts of movies, both good and bad. Therefore, I thought it safe to assume that the writer was comparing Transformers' storyline to the all-time greats eg. The Matrix, The Godfather: Part 1-2, Memento, The Usual Suspects etc; hence, my reaction.

r214060d ago

i thought the movie would suck...but it was freaking awesome IMO, better than the 1st and obviously that horrid 2nd movie.

Psychonaughty4060d ago

I actually enjoyed the first 2 despite their faults but the third was a piece of shit imo, 3d was a turd too.