Dark Knight Rises Bringing Back the Batcopter?

From TMP:

We're going to file this one as a rumor right now, but if true, it could be very interesting. A tweet has come out from someone supposedly working on the set claiming that Batman will be using the Batcopter this time around.

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alycakes4057d ago

With all the rumors you never know but I'm just glad they're keeping a lid on a lot of it. I want to be a little amazed when I go see the movie. You know when we used to be WOWed? We rarely ever get that anymore with all the spoilers out there.

JL4057d ago

Nolan definitely likes to play things close to the vest. And he's not against kinda spreading misinformation either, so you definitely never know.

I have no doubt that he'll wow us when this finally releases.

alycakes4056d ago

I keep hoping. Even when I find something new...I find myself not wanting it to be anything really big or revealing anything about the story.....I do want to be surprised when I see it.

Sahil4056d ago

I hope not.. last batman movie and batcopter.. NO!

Johnny Jiron4056d ago

Well as long as we don't see him whip out the shark repellent this time, I think they could pull off something proper.