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Guillermo Del Toro Talks 'Pacific Rim' and 'The Hulk'

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Guillermo Del Toro's always got quite a few projects in development. And these days it seems two words can best describe those projects: big and monstrous. Del Toro is busy readying his giant monster movie Pacific Rim, while at the same time preparing (with Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick) his take on Marvel Comics' emerald behemoth, The Hulk, which will mark the big green giant's return to the medium with which many still associate him -- TV. I caught up with Del Toro today while he was promoting Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, due out in August, and made sure to ask him about the status of Pacific Rim and Hulk.

darklordzor4679d ago

I'll say the same thing now as when they first announced this...I'm worried. With all of the other Marvel characters out there, why would they go back to The Hulk for a TV show? I mean, especially now that he's got a movie out, and is supposed to be officially part of the timeline they've established for the movies and The Avengers. Now this show is going to take him out of that timeline for the movies (Del Toro has said that), which just seems odd, considering all they've done to put that together.

DarkBlood4678d ago

are you talking about the last hulk movie the new ish one that came out years ago that is to be apart of the avengers?

never seen it but i have to check it out now

Soldierone4677d ago

It could work like comic books, as ive wrote about it in a couple articles. There can be multiple dimensions that allow separate stories of the same character to co exist. Thats how you get multiple series of the character in comics.

However TV and movies work a whole lot different so it is very worrysome. The major thing im worried about is the fact comic book characters have an act for failing on TV....

alycakes4679d ago

I used to like the old tv show of the Hulk. It would be nice if they would do something that would work but these days you never know. They really do have too much going on.

OSIRUSSS4678d ago

Guillermo Del Toro is the man.


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