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'Thor 2' To Be Scripted By Don Payne

As Deadline told you yesterday, Marvel Studios needs a director for Thor 2 with Kenneth Branagh departing, but they have got a writer. Marvel has set Don Payne, one of the credited scribes on the first film, to script the sequel. Payne rewrote Lobo for Warner Bros, and was one of the writers on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer.

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darklordzor4055d ago

As long as he's not the only writer I'm fine with it. I'm actually hoping that they bring in some strong people this time. While I enjoyed Thor, the script/story had a bunch of superfluous crap in it. There were way too many side-characters that didn't do much of anything outside of fan service, and it only detracted from the better parts of the story. Not that it was terrible or anything, but it could have been tighter.

I wouldn't be opposed to the exact same writing team coming back, but I hope they can tighten it up.

Sahil4054d ago

Really? It’s not like there aren’t good writers out there. I guess Marvel’s just figuring that they can make money off any only comic book slop they toss out there.

alycakes4053d ago

There's plenty of good writers as far as I'm concerned. They'll do just fine.

4051d ago