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Ridley Scott's Alien Kinda-Prequel 'Prometheus' Gets An Official Synopsis And Ben Foster

We've still been trying to piece together just what filmmaker Ridley Scott is doing with his ALIEN-"related" sci-fi project PROMETHEUS, based on the most recent cryptic comments from writer Damon Lindelof and co-star Michael Fassbender.

A summary finally drifted across the data-tubes this week, giving supposed details about the "space jockey" and the human travelers, but we're told that's not accurate.

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JL4058d ago

The synopsis is already known, but nice to hear about Foster. I think he's a really good actor and definitely like his addition to the already nice cast. He did well in Pandorum which was a sci-fi/space movie too so should be easy enough for him.

alycakes4057d ago

This is going to be just like Alien...isn't it. They were promoting it at Comic Con last year and it looked like it was anyway. I don't know about the plot but the creature itself is almost identical.

Nes_Daze4057d ago

Foster shocked me in pandorum, I knew he was good, but he gave that movie the extra eerie feel. Can't wait to hear more.