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Official Synopsis for 'Prometheus' Revealed

After running a story concerning a tip on the plot synopsis for 'Prometheus', io9 was contacted by a Fox rep which called the rumored synopsis completely wrong.

As a result, the Fox rep provided io9 with the first official synopsis for the Ridley Scott movie.

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JL4061d ago

No too much to go on here. More or less mostly just your standard fare type of synopsis. Though the "where they will discover the answers to our most profound questions and to life's ultimate mystery" does pique my curiosity.

zerocrossing4061d ago

I would love this film to bring the quality back to the franchise after the butchering AVP has done to the it, For now though iv just resorted to crossing my fingers and ranting "Please don't suck, Please don't suck, Please don't suck".

No_Pantaloons4061d ago

The tipster is right on. I'll bet that it is the movies plot and sadly it sounds awful.

Go figure a fox rep replies that its "way off" as that is what they always say when something gets leaked without proof. The funny thing is how completely vague their official synopsis is, it doesn't dispute anything from the leak so in fact both could be completely true.

Johnny Jiron4061d ago

That rep synopsis sounds like a truncated version of the leaked one. Either way I just wanna see if Ridley Scott has it in him still to produce some good sci-fi. I'll wait for the story that appears on screen rather then whats found on the net.