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The Count of Monte Cristo Is Going Sci-Fi

Warner Bros. have scooped up a new script from Ian Shorr. The script is said to be a futuristic retelling of the classic tale.

Warner Bros seem to be pretty high on the story as they’re fast-tracking the project and have already sent the script out to potential directors.

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darklordzor4055d ago

Meh...I could live without the sci-fi twist on this story. It's a classic and still holds strong today. Hell I actually loved the last film they made of it with James Caviezel and thought that was a great adaptation.

Though using sci-fi it'd be a lot easier for Edmund Dontes to hide his appearance and such. Still, I'm not sold on the need for this.

JL4055d ago

Yea, I'm not sure I am sold on it either. I guess it largely depends on how well they stick to the actual story. I mean, obviously it's not a story that demands it be set it a certain time period, so it should be easy enough to make a virtual exact retelling of the story, just in a different setting.

Let's just hope they don't try to rewrite it to the point of messing up the story and exploiting the genre. Hope they don't go to overboard on the sci-fi aspect too.