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MoviePass Dead Before It Starts

The other day it was announced that a new startup, MoviePass, was seeking to offer movie goers a theater subscription service of sorts. MoviePass was to collaborate with online ticketing agencies to provide movie goers unlimited theaters tickets (with some restrictions) for $50/month. Basically, they were seeking to become the Netflix of the cinema world. Now it seems theater chains have thrown a giant monkey wrench into those plans.

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Soldierone4467d ago

Honestly go for it....Its only AMC throwing a fit and their theaters SUCK. Maybe AMC will learn one day what Harkins and everyone else are doing right. COMFORTABLE SEATS, deals on food (like 1 dollar refill cups), good customer service, and clean theaters....

Everytime I go to AMC its a horrible experience. They jacked up their ticket prices then you finally get in and the snacks are even more. It was 27 dollars just for tickets, a small drink was 7 bucks; large was over 10...popcorn was in the area of 8 dollars for a medium last time I went...Come on.

my rant about how i hate AMC is over lol....

As for this I am somewhat interested. During heavy months I spend maybe 30 dollars on movies. Is it 50 dollars per person? Cus I only see like one or two movies a month, maybe 3 tops.

JL4467d ago

Actually, it's not just just AMC. It's every theater that was said to be supposedly participating. MoviePass just said the theaters were participating without consulting any of them. So all of them raged against this.

I don't even have AMC here so I wouldn't know about their practices. Carmike runs things here. In fact, every theater around here is Carmike with the exception of two. One of those being Regal which is just a "dollar theater" (I put that in quotations cause it's sadly no longer a dollar for each ticket). And the other being Rave.

And yes, that's $50 per person.

Soldierone4467d ago

Yeah our "dollar theater" is now like 3 or 4 bucks and still crappy lol.

Ours is run by AMC and Harkins, and basically AMC is getting totally creamed in every way possible here. There are reports of them suffering like every day. They suck, no other reason about it. I thought it was only them fighting it cus the article only mentioned them and a few others.

Here we have "fancy" theaters where its literally 30 dollars a person to get in. However they serve you meals throughout the movie and you are basically sitting on a couch. Harkins is just your standard theater, but everything is above average and really awesome. Let alone they still have student discounts so i can afford to go.

The thing about this is its 50 dollars a PERSON. I spend maybe 40 dollars a month for TWO people seeing this and ill be more inclined to go, but ill also be spending 60 dollars more on movies. Then factor in "well i have 20 dollars sitting in my pocket and the ticket is paid for, lets get some popcorn" Why are theaters so against it?

JL4467d ago

We have a similar theater here (one of the Carmike ones) that has a VIP section. Costs a bit more (not $30 though) and they'll serve you real food/meals there (of course you have to pay for the food as it's not included in the price of the ticket). Plus they serve beer and wine in there. All while kicking back on a comfortable Lay-Z-Boy recliner. It's definitely nice.

And there are a few others mentioned in the article along with AMC, just AMC was more vocal about it I think (and more pissed off). Plus, they were only in the beta, so only a few theater chains were even effected as it was only set to take off in San Francisco this weekend. So those few chains were the only ones involved so far.

As for the price, I think it's way too expensive. I'm just not going to spend that much to go to the theaters each month. Tickets here are $9, with matinees being $5-6 depending on where you go. And half the time I go, it's to a matinee. So I'm having to go at least 5 or 6 times just to "break even". And programs like these aren't driven by allowing customers to "break even". It needs to be set up where I'm getting to go to the theater 5 times for the price of like 4 or 3. It needs to be an actual deal.

MinimeJer054467d ago

Damn it! I was hoping this was going to work out.

alycakes4466d ago

Well, it doesn't surprise me that it didn't. But we still have the matinee to fall back on. Our dollar movie went up too but only to $2.75 so we're still good.


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