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Christopher Nolan Taps Keith Gordon For Supernatural Thriller At Warner Bros

Over his career, Christopher Nolan has only gotten involved in producing a picture he didn't direct when he godfathered Man of Steel, the Warner Bros Superman reboot that's going into production with Zack Snyder directing. Now, he's quietly making another exception. I'm told that Nolan's company, Syncopy, has set up a supernatural thriller at Warner Bros and hired Keith Gordon to write and direct it.

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alycakes4055d ago

Interesting...I wonder what the movie is and what it's about.

JL4055d ago

It's a supernatural thriller :D lol But yea, will be curious to find out what the movie is actually about, or what book it's based on.

Could be interesting seeing how Nolan fares as he makes his way towards just producing projects as well.

I'm wondering how this could effect those really good but lesser known directors. Now there's a man that seems to truly respect the craft and has roots in being an "indie guy that made it to the big leagues". Wonder if he'll be the type that is consistently bringing up talent from the indies and giving them their chance to shine.

alycakes4054d ago

It could be...if anyone can do, he can.