Ex-Marvel Boss Producing Angry Birds

IGN: David Maisel, the former chairman of Marvel Studios who led the studio into self-producing and self-financing its films as well as its sale to Disney, has joined Rovio as a Special Advisor -- a role which will also see him serve as an executive producer on the planned feature film version of its hit video game Angry Birds.

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Soldierone4064d ago

Wasn't Rio the Angry Birds film....

It has a quircky little story with it, but come on. Its a phone game. A gimmick. The developers got a little ego going on right now and its made me not like the game as much....

alycakes4064d ago

I think this is suppose to be different from what I was reading but Rio was part of the group of bird from that game.

JL4064d ago

No. It wasn't the Angry Birds movie. Had nothing to do with the game. The concept for this movie was apparently around well before that game (or even the iPhone was thought of). It's suspected to be based on some book.

What you're thinking of, I'm guessing, is the partnership that Rovio and 20th Century had. Rovio did make a Angry Birds: Rio Edition of the game using some of the characters from the movie. But that was for promotional purposes after the movie was made. Angry Birds didn't inspire the Rio movie.

Soldierone4063d ago

yeah was wondering and also being somewhat sarcastic about it too. On the massive movie posters outside the theaters they had "Angry Birds" on the bottom half of it...