Entertainment Focus - Review: The Adjustment Bureau

David Norris (Matt Damon – The Bourne Ultimatum) is a young politician on his way up in the world. A chance meeting with a free-spirited dancer named Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt – The Wolfman) captivates him as he believes he’s found the perfect woman. But there are shadowy men watching his every move who don’t want him to be with her. Men that already have David’s life mapped out for him and Elise doesn’t fit into their plans. David must decide if being with the woman of his dreams is enough reason to shatter his and her ambitions in life or will the men from The Adjustment Bureau have to intervene to keep things running on course.

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alycakes4065d ago

I finally saw this movie and it was just what I expected. It was great. I always imagine things like this actually being done in the real world around us so I was very into the movie.

I've always been one to believe in different conspiracy theories so something like this wouldn't surprise me although it would be different in some ways.

Sahil4065d ago

Nice movie.. they both were in well sync with each other.

alycakes4065d ago

They were...weren't they? It's amazing to me how well they act sometimes when they're are so many people around them filming everthing they do. She was a newlywed too...I think she'd only been married a few months when she made this movie and she looked like she was so much in love with Matt Damon.

Sahil4065d ago

Yeah.. both looked fantastic with each other, I say bring on another!