New On Scene Dark Knight Rises Clip

Man and woman get in cab? Boring. Selena Kyle And Bruce Wayne get in cab? Awesome. New clip from The Dark Knight Rises

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-MD-3206d ago

Nice sideboob in the default photo lol

DarkBlood3206d ago

thats a nice set of sideboob there better then peters griffin attempt lol

darklordzor3205d ago

Yep, I was thinking the same thing. I wish that wouldn't be the first thing I notice, but something about Anne Hathaway just turns me into a massive hound dog.

Megaton3205d ago

Superb sideboob. 10/10.

tayz3205d ago

I love Anne Hathaway!

SKUD3205d ago

I'm only here for the sideboob shot. DO LIKE.

Soldierone3205d ago

Why even wear a shirt at that point...just put caps over the nips and call it a day....

darklordzor3205d ago

Oh the whole...this is a boring video. I mean it's so distant and blurry you can barely tell it's them. Still, I guess any Dark Knight Rises thing is cool to see.

alycakes3205d ago

This is the worst video. I found it and left it alone because it gave me nothing that I could brag about. It wouldn't have wasted my time and yours.

darklordzor3205d ago

Yep, I saw it yesterday and didn't even bother posting it on my website. I didn't think there was enough news or cool stuff in it.

alycakes3205d ago

I see stuff sometimes and it's really not worth the have a website of your own? What is it? I'll take a look.

darklordzor3205d ago

Oh you've seen it around here quite a bit (I know you've even commented on a few of the articles from it on this site). It's

Thanks for checking it out though!

Sahil3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Don't feel like reading the article.. (o)(o) ..

MinimeJer053205d ago

Such an odd video. I always forget what it must look like on a set. You got a few people filming over there with tons of people standing around having their own conversations. Must be such a weird environment.