International Poster for Captain America: The First Avenger

The Collider Writes:
The international poster for Captain America: The First Avenger has gone online. It’s not a bad poster. You’ve got the shield, you’ve got the Howling Commandos, and you’ve got a giant Red Skull in the background and if the characters in the foreground simply turned around, they’d have a real shot at winning the war.

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-MD-4065d ago

Looks alright. Should have had his mask on though.

Soldierone4064d ago

Thats the thing I never understood. With Spider-Man they always said "we like to keep the mask off as much as possible" and all I can ask is why? The mask makes the hero, otherwise we are just watching Peter Parker run around and swing on webs....

-Superman-4063d ago

Poster looks great ! I like it

alycakes4064d ago

Yeah...I thought so too. They might have another poster too but since this is going to be the main one he should have had his mask on.

darklordzor4064d ago

I actually am really digging this poster (mask or no, I think they're just trying to highlight the star). It's got a great old-school vibe that seems to fit perfectly with the time frame of this movie.

JL4063d ago

Looks pretty good. I do think it would look a bit better with the mask on though.