Disney Prepping Adventure Movie Based on Matterhorn Ride

Disney is developing an adventure movie project inspired by the Matterhorn ride and has set Jason Dean Hall to pen the script. Justin Springer (Tron Legacy, Prom) is producing the project, which has a working title of The Hill.

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Soldierone4057d ago

I finally got to go on the ride. Ive been to Disneyland I think 4 times, and it was closed every single time except the 4th time which was recently. It wasn't what I had expected...i was expecting big falls and a really fast coaster, half the time you are just going up a tunnel and something pops out then you fall and its over.

However when your credits are Tron and Prom...well that isn't saying much either lol. No doubt they are just trying to ride the current Pirates started. Next stop? Space Mountain...but Id be super interested in that.