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'Transformers' Director Michael Bay On His Next Movie, Taylor Lautner And 'Bad Boys 3'

Michael Bay, already the master of cinematic destruction, may very well have topped himself in the on-screen chaos and carnage department with "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," his third and supposedly final robot romp. Whether or not Bay continues on with "Transformers" is still up for some debate, but for right now, the director himself has no doubts about his next project: "Pain & Gain."

Two years ago, Bay told MTV News that he was pursuing "a small little movie" that would be in the vein of Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction." Since then, we've learned a bit more — that it focuses on extortion and abductions in the Florida criminal underworld, that it's based on a true story, and that it's "a dark comedy." Now, we know something else about "Pain & Gain" … it's his next movie.

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alycakes4627d ago

I liked the first Bad Boys but the second one wasn't as good. If they do a 3rd one, I hope they focus on the story a little more.

Soldierone4627d ago

You have no idea how much this title scared me....Bad Boys 3 and Taylor Lotner....what a horrible combination lol.

I hope he doesn't give up on what he does best. He is an action film person, he has proven time and time again he isn't that great with stories. So as long as someone else is writing the script to his next movie ill be happy.

JL4627d ago

Well he never writes, so no worries there.

Soldierone4627d ago

My point exactly! lol

I also like this because it give more job opportunities. I see nothing wrong with directors that write and direct their own movies (Nolan for example) but at the same time I love it when there are writers then a director, then the two can collaborate on everything.

Like me. I write movies, I have no intention anytime soon to make movies. But I could write a movie anytime of the week. Im currently working on two more, I already have 3 feature length ones. maybe one day ill get picked up who knows.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34627d ago

I'd like to see him do something that isn't a sequel or part of a toy line.

JL4627d ago

This could be an interesting one. Likening it to Pulp Fiction perks my ears up. Being written by the guys who did the Chronicles of Narnia movie makes me a bit iffy, though. They did do the new Captain America, but not sure how that one's going to turn out.

Will be kinda interesting to see Bay do something like this. But at the same time, almost sad to see him leave his niche as he just always makes those big action flicks fun.

Sahil4626d ago

am psyched about bad boys 3.. and michael please enough with the transformers, let's put an end.

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