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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 Featurette: Horcruxes

Daniel Radcliffe and the filmmakers discuss the quest to destroy Voldemort.

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Sahil4055d ago

i don't how many times I see the trailer, I don't feel like watching it.

darklordzor4055d ago

Any particular reason you feel that way?

Sahil4055d ago

Yeah just one.. Harry Potter Shucks!

darklordzor4055d ago

Oh man, I can't freaking wait! These trailers/featurettes are just making the wait the much harder. I would stop watching them, but I'm so hungry for more footage that I can't help myself.

alycakes4055d ago

Since I just saw Part 1 I'm really ready to see this as soon as possible so I can go right into it like it just all happened. I'm glad I waited to see the first part that way I can have everything fresh in my mind.