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Warner Bros Mobilizing Colombia Hostage Drama 'The Mission,' Courting David O Russell And Brad Pitt

In the wake of Osama Bin Laden's killing by a Navy SEAL team, Hollywood is suddenly obsessed with politically-charged fact-based mission movies. Momentum is building on one of those at Warner Bros, The Mission. David O Russell is circling the picture and the studio is courting Brad Pitt to star. This could all happen very quickly.

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Soldierone4062d ago

Political and fact can't be in the same

However I have high doubts about everything Russell does now. He already proved he can't really do things correctly with Uncharted...

Im a huge fan of war films so I have interest. However with all war films there is research to be had to get things done correctly. Russel, again, proved he can't do that with really want to put your name on a project like this where politics will make or break a name.