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'He-Man' Reboot in the Works

Well isn’t this something of a coincidence. It was only yesterday that I mentioned He-Man was due a movie adaptation that didn’t bastardize the franchise like the 80s movie did.

Talking to Crosswalk, Sony VP DeVon Franklin stated that they’re working on rebooting He-Man. Furthermore, he points out that the script for that project should be coming in very soon.

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darklordzor4475d ago

Well really they've been working on this reboot for a while. Hell they hired a writer back in 2009, but all has been quiet since then. I hope the script turns out to be good, but on the whole, I can't say I'm all that interested anymore in He-Man.

Lord_Sloth4475d ago

Hope it lives up to Dolph's film.

He was my hero in that film when I was a kid. XD

JL4474d ago

That movie was horrible. As much as I loved He-Man back then, I even found the movie to be badly done then.

Lord_Sloth4474d ago


JL4474d ago

lol Gwildor was part of the problem with it. Granted, only one of many problems.

Damn Orko wanna-be lol :P

CynicalVision4474d ago

When I was little I used to watch that movie 2-3 times a week, I seriously loved it. :P

Now, of course I realize how cheesy it is.

DarkBlood4474d ago


hazelamy4474d ago

i want a She-Ra movie. (^_^)

Lord_Sloth4474d ago

Staring Lucy Lawless.


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