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Bryan Cranston Cast in ‘Gangster Squad’

What did I just say hours ago about Bryan Cranston being on a tear? He’s just in the process of taking a role in Argo, the new film that Ben Affleck will direct. And now he’s in talks for Gangster Squad, a film that Ben Affleck was offered to direct before Argo came into being.

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alycakes4059d ago

This guy has come a long way from Malcolm In The Middle. I never thought of him in all these serious roles and here he is in this bad ass part of Breaking Bad. He's very good at it but after seeing him for so long in that sitcom it was hard for me to get used to it.

Quagmire4059d ago

I love seeing actors break their typecast.

Its astounding when you see comedic types take on darker more serious roles, but its equally as fun when you see serious and strong actors take on stupid comedic roles.