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( Transformers: Dark of the Moon Review

Arcee: Started back in 2007 by director Michael Bay and producer Steven Spielberg and starring Shia LaBeouf, the series has gone on to both mesmerize and wow audiences and critics with its unbelievable special effects yet manage to earn some pretty scathing reviews for the first two films in the series for its lazy and lack of depth in storytelling... Now we have Transformers: Dark of the Moon, and reportedly the last in the series for both star LaBeouf and director Bay, that looks to return some of that lost sci-fi credibility by having Optimus Prime and his Autobots team deal with a full on Decepticon invasion led by his life-long nemesis, Megatron. However, when you look at the movie as a whole, certain parts of the film just don’t mesh right and leave this movie just on the edge of being a high quality summer blockbuster.

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Batman52734057d ago

I disagree with the review on certain parts. The first 30-40 minutes was actually good especially the battle on Cybertron, and the explanation of the moon landing and the space race. even thouugh the CGI Kennedy looked a bit off. but it was a really cool "What if" scenario on our history.

it was the whole middle part up to the final battle of Chicago, lets say the last 60 minutes. are absolutely mind numbingly boring. The pacing of the movie is way off. And do we really need to see sam go for job interviews and be jealous of his super model girlfriend sugar momma? and the whole thing at sam's work was just not funny. Just because Ken Jeung was funny in the hangover, did he have the do the "So Long Gayboy" in the men's bathroom after he basically molests sam? And don't get me started on John Malkovich.
Patrick Dempsey was a total douche. But what I dont get, is sam struggles to beat him up, but can single handedly kill Star Scream with a power glove.

Thank god the last hour of the movie saved it. The whole movie should have been just like the last hour. Imagine Battle: LA but in chicago and it is the transformers. I did like the plot twist you speak of.

As for 3D yes it did look great in the action sequences, but only in the action sequences, but the movie is flooded with so much of the boring human subplots.

I gave it a 3/5

Here is my Review

zoks3104056d ago (Edited 4056d ago )

I gave it a 4/5, its Transformers so you cant go wrong. I agree with some of your points, i think the middle part of the movie was just filler like on a college essay to make it 2 pages longer to impress the professor.

Optimus was a total beast slayer in this movie and he almost always flys in to shake things up a bit right in the nick of time with his "bout to bust a nut" grunt.
The love interest between Sam and his new honey was very superficial and dragged on too much, this was done to piss of his last love interest from T1 and T2, yes Michael Bay it was that obvious.....

It had the Michael Bay touch, but on steroids. Like i always said MB and Transformers live action were made for each other, this will most likely be his master piece same for all the other actors, similar to what happened to the cast of the Matrix after the trilogy........ crickets........

Sad its over, hopefully in a decade or so someone will come and do a remake just to keep the franchise relevant as time goes on.