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This Week on Netflix Instant: June 27-July 3

This week sees the first of the month of July. As you may or may not know, that means tons of additions to the Netflix Streaming service as they always like to load up on the first of the month. This week’s releases include Rubber, Star Trek, Let Me In, Secretariat, The Exorcist and many more

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Soldierone4058d ago

The only thing remotely interesting to me is the Video Games : Behind the Games thing. Other than that come on Netflix....Osmosis Jones was a decent movie when I was little at least.

JL4057d ago

I wanna check out Rubber. It looks stupid as all hell but everybody has said it is a really good movie. So I just have to see it now.

Let Me In might be decent but I've seen the original, not too interested in that. The Exorcist is always a fun one to go back to at times, though.

Although, if you haven't seen Secretariat, I highly recommend that one. Watched that for the first time just a few weeks ago and thought it was great.

Soldierone4057d ago

Noted that, might put it on when my girlfriend is over. (Secretariat)

I have a thing where I don't like watching horror movies starting with "the" its just so dumb and shows a lack of creativity lol. I am honestly at the point where im about ready to parody it....

some have slipped through and been enjoyable. Like The Crazies, not exactly "horror" but a fantastic film.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34057d ago

I was really disappointed in Let Me In. I was let down at just how much it borrows from the original. The tone of the original was a lot better, the remake tries to hard to be emotional.

Christopher4057d ago

At least Netflix is allowing me to see some of the B or C level anime and anime-like shows and movies for free.

- Tetsuo will be added to my queue.

- Dragnet is always a good movie to watch once every few years

- The Dark Ages is something I missed when it was on TV

- Drop Dead Gorgeous wasn't bad

- Exit Wounds if you want to keep DMX and Seagal relevant...

- Let Me In if you haven't seen it yet (or the original) -- it is as good as the original, IMHO

- The Omega Man is a classic

There are a few I haven't seen and might if I have nothing better to do as well.

OSIRUSSS4058d ago

Rubber is the strangest movie I had ever seen.

Sahil4057d ago

Star Trek was kinda disappointing..