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Obsessed With Film's Top 50 Pixar Characters

Obsessed With Film:
To celebrate the end of our Pixar take-over, it is with great pleasure, and a good deal of relief, that I can unveil The Top 50 Pixar Characters, based entirely on my own opinions. But hey, I’m probably the biggest Pixar nerd there is, and I’ll willingly take tests to prove it.

Sadly no place for Flick from A Bug’s Life – I just don’t think he’s all that great in comparison to the rest of the cast, and Woody Allen’s version of essentially the same character in ANTZ is by far the more superior, thanks to a more authentic neuroses. He would probably have come in at number 51 is that’s any consolation, though I think it probably isn’t.

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-MD-4063d ago

Kevin, Slinky-dog, Crush, & Dug should all be higher.

Russel, Syndrome, Ken and basically every character from A Bugs Life need to be lower.

Quagmire4063d ago

Syndrome lower? Are you mad? He was one of the most terrifying villains in film, his voice acting had the right mix of sarcasm and pure evil.

Jason Lee did wonders with that character.

-MD-4063d ago

I couldn't stand Syndrome.

JL4063d ago

I'll agree with Dug being higher. That dog was hilarious. The others I couldn't care either way about. Lotso should be higher. Now that was one of Pixar's best villains there.

I'd definitely put Mike over Boo (though, yes, she was adorable, but still). I think Mike should be a bit higher too. Also think Lightning should possibly be a bit higher, but definitely Mater should be higher.

And I really don't think Wall-E should be number 1. Yes it was a charismatic character and really good, but just not 1st place good. I would have to put both Buzz and Woody above Wall-E.