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Comic Adaptation 'Beasts of Burden' Taps 'Jack the Giant Killer' Writer

Jack the Giant Killer writer Darren Lemke has been tapped to pen Beasts of Burden, Reel FX and Andrew Adamson’s adaptation of the Dark Horse comic.

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'Jack the Giant Killer' Writer Tackling 'Carmen Sandiego'

THR Heat Vision:
Darren Lemke, who worked on Shrek Forever After as well as Bryan Singer’s upcoming Jack the Giant Killer, has been tapped to pen the big-screen version of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Walden Media picked up the rights to the educational computer game-turned-cartoon from Houghton Mifflin in the fall of 2011. Jennifer Lopez is one of the producers and eyeing it as a starring vehicle.

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alycakes4320d ago

I heard they were going to do this...hope it's good.

JL4319d ago

I wouldn't mind at all if they make a movie from this property. I used to love me some Carmen Sandiego.

That being said, I don't care for Jennifer Lopez doing it. I mean she'd look the part well, but as far as acting goes, she's not that great and I don't see her pulling off that role really. Then again, if it stays true to form, you rarely really see Carmen Sandiego herself.

alycakes4318d ago

Glad to know there's a man that sees that about her. I really don't go see her movies at all. If she produces it...then that's okay but if she's in it..I would be tempted to stay away from it.

JL4318d ago

Yeah, I don't much care for her. I won't totally avoid her movies, but if she's a lead, I don't have high hopes for the movie. Hell, she's not even that hot, so I'm not sure why she gets by with continuing to do movies.