10 Cartoons That Should Be Made Into Movies

This week sees the release of Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Now, Transformers started out as toys, but for me (and so many others) it was the cartoon that really got me into them. After all, that’s what the show was made for: to make the Transformers popular so that they could sell the toys.

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Crazay4475d ago

Morning JL - Nice list but I can't agree with all of it. Tom and Jerry was my most loathed of cartoons when I was growing up. I would have rathered JEM was on instead cause at least they were "Truly Outrageous" and they rocked it with their guitars.

I do love the idea of a Live Action Voltron or even Thundercats.

JL4475d ago

Well then I have to regretfully inform you that you're wrong :D

Tom and Jerry was awesome. And to point out, I would love a Thundercats movie, but I think it would most likely be crap if they made it live-action. Voltron on the other hand, though, would be awesome going live-action/CGI like Transformers.

darklordzor4474d ago

Thundercats would be greatness, though in live action it wouldn't work. Have to go the Final Fantasy route, but it'd still be cool.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34474d ago

I think I've posted this before but whatever, it's relevant. Some test footage from a proposed CG Thundercats movie.


Yi-Long4474d ago

... cause just imagine a japanese CGI big adventure with these old guys again! It would be awesome! They were so much cooler than the Turtles!

Other cartoons that should be made into a movie:

- Nils Holgersson. That cartoon was so magical, so imagine Pixar or Ghibli taking a crack at it in an epic adventure!?

- M.A.S.K. How this isn't in the list yet, I don't know, but I'll be hunting down those responsible...
Great saturday-morning cartoon, and although I have no idea how it would work in a live-action movie, and only a slight idea how it could work in a CGI-movie, I still feel it deserves a mention!

- Harlem Globetrotters. It could work as live-action (fake) documentary.

- Dr Slump could work as a zany japanese movie.

MuleKick4474d ago

Well, what about a Thundercats done the way Avatar was made? Zoe Saldana as Neytiri was awesome!!! They could do it almost the same way.

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darklordzor4474d ago

Not a shabby list overall, but on the whole just about all of these would have to remain in cartoon form. Only a could would really transition into live action decently enough.

Daria would be interesting...I suppose, but I think Juno is about as close as we should get to it, and hell yes to Pirates of Dark Water! I loved that cartoon. Hell it's still on Boomerang occasionally and I still watch the crap out of it.

I'm going to throw out these as well:

Thundaar The Barbarian

Gosh, I know there's another one on the tip of my tongue but I can't think of it!

artsaber4474d ago (Edited 4474d ago )

Who doesn't love Ookla the Mok? But a ThunderCats movie could be epic. I would love to see it done right, I still like this fan made trailer:


JL4474d ago

Actually I'm thinking only 4.5 of them in cartoon form: Tom and Jerry has to be cartoon as well as Woody. Thundercats has to be cartoon/CGI. And Darkwing Duck has to be cartoon.

The rest can be live action (of course with CGI mixed in a la Transformers, etc). Even animaniacs could do a hybrid style a la Roger Rabbit.

darklordzor4473d ago

Roger Rabbit style would actually be the best way to do Animaniacs. Since all of their antics take place in the real world WB studios, that would be perfect!

-MD-4474d ago

Tom and Jerry would bring in the $$ I'm sure but making it PG-13 with the more subtle adult jokes the series had early on might be a shot in the foot as far as money goes.

Animated movies geared towards older kids/adults don't really perform well do they? I'm thinking of Rango as a recent examble.

Although I'm sure if they made it a movie like the originals my dad would go nuts over it.

Soldierone4474d ago

I think it would depend really. If its using the jokes that made the classic serious so awesome, then I see it doing well. I mean look at all the restrictions these groups are putting on children's shows, and you see why they suck so bad.

However they could let cartoon characters smoke cigars, or do stuff they are not allowed to do on TV in the movie and parents will see it as "well i watched that as a kid, who cares" and take their kids anyways.

just look at how Cartoon Network has been saying "to hell with it" with all their new shows. Its been paying off, they have a ton of new viewers mostly of an older teen audience.

alycakes4474d ago

Maybe cartoons should just stay cartoons and I loved Tom and Jerry! My favorite was Mighty Mouse if and when they showed it. They need to leave some decent cartoons just as they are for the kids to watch....they can't all be movies but if I had to pick one I think I'd like to see The Pirates of Dark Water.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34474d ago

My favorite cartoon to watch when I was younger was Mighty Max, but I doubt anybody remembers that one. I also had a soft spot for Gargoyles.

JL4474d ago

Don't remember the show really, but do remember the toy line. And seems like I remember a game as well.

Sahil4473d ago (Edited 4473d ago )

does anyone of you remember SWAT KATS.. man i spent my childhood watching it,, glorious years!!!

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