FilmFracture Review: Another Earth

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture writes: "While watching Another Earth is a completely enjoyable experience, thanks in part to the performances by the very talented William Mapother (John) and Brit Marling (Rhoda) it is a very routine and predictable film. Rhoda is awash with grief and must reconcile with herself and the man she hurt; as she goes about doing this it is obvious where the film is going to take you. The side-story of there being another Earth out there, and the upcoming launch of a group of civilians going to visit it, is important but obvious in the direction of the story. The ending, completely expected and a tad redundant."

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Another Earth Blu-Ray Review From Project-Blu

Another Earth is a tremendous movie; another hidden gem of 2011. The movie is very slow, painfully at times, and doesn’t have as much as a science fiction twist as advertised. However, it is a testament of feelings and a look into one’s tormented soul (not in the horror story context either). The Blu-ray has its ups and downs with an average video presentation and a strong enough showing in the audio department. This is a recommended viewing, and a suggested purchase.

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'Another Earth' Cinema Review (FMV Magazine)

FMV says: "Another Earth feels like two separate films which never quite connect with one another. One is a Sci-Fi epic of self-discovery with profound philosophical implications for humanity, the other a worthy but contained Sundance-type Indie about love, loss and redemption in small-town America. Sort of Contact meets Winter’s Bone – or rather, doesn’t quite meet."

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Push-Start Review: Another Earth

"Its ideas will inspire debate, emotionally it will move you, just expect it do these things in moderation however. That said, if the technical hitches can be overcome by the time we witness Cahill and (hopefully) Marling’s next production then there may be a masterpiece waiting in the wings."

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StarWarsFan4304d ago

A masterpiece waiting in the wings? That may be pushing it.

edwest4303d ago

"*may* be a masterpeice waiting in the wings".

Note the conditional tense.

StarWarsFan4303d ago

By that logic, you can say anyone's next production may be a masterpiece.

And I also said that *may* be pushing it. Note the conditional tense.

edwest4302d ago

No, you are now verging outside of the context of this review. In context of this review, the phrase used is justified given the work by the talent involved.

Obviously the next film of Freidberg/Seltzer won't be a masterpeice, once again I stress the use of context.