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‘Blair Witch’ Director To Find Out If Bigfoot ‘Exists’

The Film Stage writes:
The Blair Witch Project project may have been one of the most profitable films ever made, but the people involved in that movie haven’t had anything resembling a career since its release. But they’re still working, and Variety is reporting that co-director Eduardo Sanchez is making his next film about the elusive-because-he-doesn’t-exi st creature, Bigfoot.

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alycakes4059d ago

I'm not interested in it if it's going to be filmed like the Blair Witch because of the way the poor camera work on that film it was impossible to enjoy watching without getting sick. The whole film was bad......if the same person is going to this film the same way, he'll probably make money but I still won't go see it.

JL4058d ago

I don't mind the handycam filming technique (and actually really enjoy it when done right). It's when it starts becoming too shaky and too much use of that that I start to not enjoy it. It's kinda the same when war movies or such overuse that shaky cam technique. It's fine in moderation, but ONLY moderation.

alycakes4058d ago

Yes, it was the shaky part that bothered me too. It made me dizzy. Blair Witch was the one that was really bad. Some people said Bourne Supremacy was like that but I didn't notice it.

JL4057d ago

Bourne did it, but for me it was in moderation enough that it didn't bother me.