Charlie Harper Dies Tragic Death

"Two and a Half Men" will turn dark for just a minute or two when it premieres in September ... because Alan and Jake will learn Charlie Harper bit the dust.

darklordzor4474d ago

Hmmmm....I'm honestly not sure how I feel about it. It seems like a logical choice for them, but at the same time, it feels like another cheap TV gimmick. I mean, doing it without any set-up at all can be very jarring for the audience.

On top of that I'm not keen on the whole Ashton Kutcher buying Charlie's old house and then somehow Alan still gets to stay in there. Seems odd and completely ridiculous. I have no faith in this show continuing on.

Mikelarry4473d ago

couldnt have said it better. they should just end it now

joeorc4473d ago

"On top of that I'm not keen on the whole Ashton Kutcher buying Charlie's old house and then somehow Alan still gets to stay in there."

Word going on the street is Ashton is playing Charlie's Long lost Son, Who happens to be the only Son charlie ever had. Just as Alan was about to pay off the Taxes on the House."with a very sizeable Loan from Mom.

Charlie's Son Get's the House an the Money

but like His father, Ashton is a Booze hound an Playboy. Charlie's Son's Job He has none..lol

Sponge Meet Sponge...lol

alycakes4474d ago

I don't think that's right either. It doesn't make any sense at all. What grown man is going to buy a house and let strangers live in it....that's just dumb. It's got to be a distant relative or something like that.

As for Charlie dying...that's not right either. I think they're taking everything too far. I agree they shouldn't bring him back to the show but killing him off is a little extreme. I also don't like Ashton Kutcher...I've never liked him on anything so I'm not happy about that.

I hate to say it but I'm going to miss the old Charlie...not the weird, drugged out, drunken Charlie but the Charlie that started the show 7-8 yrs ago....I really liked that guy.

CobraKai4474d ago

I started watching this show cuz of Kandy, but stayed cuz of Charlie. I have been a fan of Charlie for as long as I remember and I won't be watching the show if he's not there.

If Ashton is as funny as he was on "That 70s Show", this show is gonna be a total stink-fest.

xVeZx4474d ago

youre last sentence is confusing...s

CobraKai4473d ago

I don't think Ashton is funny and tended to ruin scenes.

thebudgetgamer4474d ago

i was hoping they would go with the threes company bit were they have him call once and a while from vacation.

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