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Entertainment Focus - Review: Transformers Dark Of The Moon

Optimus Prime (Peter Cullen - Transformers) is alerted to the troubling news that humans may have known of their existence decades before they actually arrived on Earth. During the US/Soviet space race, it was revealed that an alien spaceship had crash-landed on the dark side of the Moon. Housing a devastating power source that could be used to bring war to Earth, Optimus and the Autobots set about retrieving the precious cargo and with it, resuscitating the most powerful leader they have ever had, Sentinel Prime (Leonard Nimoy – Star Trek). Sam (Shia LaBeouf – Disturbia) in the meantime has a new girlfriend and is struggling to find his place in the world before he gets involved once again in the robots plight.

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-MD-4059d ago

3.5? Eh not bad. It's about what I am expecting out of it

Quagmire4059d ago

big question is, "is it better than 2"

no wait a better question would be "is it as good, or better, than the first?"

alycakes4058d ago

Who cares...I'm seeing it anyway.

CobraKai4058d ago

Same here. I think you and I watch movies in a different way than most people. Reviews have nothing to do with how entertaining we can find a movie, which to me, is what is most important.

Anyway considering how awesome ROTF was, and that was done during the writers' strike, this one should be incredible.

artsaber4058d ago

And you'll feel just like Sam Witwicky. I'm going to see it even if it scored a 1. As a childhood fan of the original TV Cartoon series, I have a weakness.