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LRA: Cars 2 - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I have struggled with how I would open this review. I could talk about how Pixar has never made a bad film. I could mention how Pixar is one of the few movie studios that we could always count on. I might even be able to bring up the fact that their films are those rare gems where both children and adults alike could sit there in that theater for two hours and get whisked away by whatever world they have created this time. But the one thing I never wanted to start this review out with was by lamenting on how Pixar has finally succumb to the almighty cash cow that is the sequel. The film industry as a whole has been churning out assembly line sequels for decades now and we have come to expect that from them. However, I think we and most certainly I hold Pixar to a higher standard and when they started announcing all these upcoming sequels to some of their past films I got a little worried. Would they be able to produce sequels that weren't just quick cash grabs, films that perhaps had stories worth telling and worth revisiting old franchises for...? When I saw Toy Story 3 last year around this same time I breathed a sigh of relief because it seemed like they were on the right track. Then I saw Cars 2 the other day...I shouldn't have let my guard down it seems.

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review – Fortress of Solitude

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga brings all the noise and heavy-metal action, but it also delivers an epic story about human resilience.

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Yesterday After Tomorrow Review: Mixed Bag of Emotions | Leisurebyte

Yesterday After Tomorrow Review: The movie has its moments but falls flat due to its lacking character depths and bad acting.

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5 Massive Movie Sequels Still Coming Your Way in 2024

What are some of the biggest movie sequels heading your way throughout the remainder of 2024? MenStuff takes a look at the most-anticipated incoming follow-ups.

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