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The 10 Most Annoying Movie Characters Ever

Kevyn writes:

"Whether they are in movies you like or movies you most certainly do not, the fact remains that they sure are annoying. These are those characters that you would chew off an arm to get away from. Sometimes they are meant to be annoying, other times they are not but still end up as such. "

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alycakes4684d ago

Pvt Hudson in Alien was the one I wanted to just slap silly until silly was gone! He was the most annoying, whiny baby of a man I've ever seen in a movie or otherwise.

CobraKai4684d ago

Where's Frodo? I wanted jump into the screen and kill him myself.

And that one missionary guy from RAMBO. I wanted to jump into the screen and kill him myself.

JL4684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

Forget Frodo. He *was* annoying, but I really wanted to just see a boulder fall on Sam. Now HE was the annoying one in that movie.


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