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Anne Hathaway’s ‘Catwoman’ Costume Revealed: It’s Less Like Halle Berry’s & More Like Original Comic

Hollywood Life writes:
Although we won’t be seeing Anne Hathaway in the iconic role of Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises for more than a year, an insider tells new details about her much anticipated costume — and it’s not going to be like anything we’ve seen in the previous movies.

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darklordzor4059d ago

I don't care how tactical it is, I'm sure Hathaway will still look damn hot in it.

2fk4058d ago

i know right she's sexy!

Whitepony234059d ago

Gotta keep it true! I hope she can pull it off..

Nes_Daze4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

I'm sure Nolan will make it very unique, question is, will this be a good thing or not?

Sahil4059d ago

Does anyone care.. she'll still gonna look hot!

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The story is too old to be commented.