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Bad Teacher Review | FleshEatingZipper

FleshEatingZipper says: "I wish I had nice words to say about Bad Teacher. It seems like a cruel tradition around my birthday that I’m subjected to an awful Cameron Diaz vehicle, last year’s being the Tom Cruise-helmed Knight and Day. Okay, here’s the good thing about it: she plays a deceptively cruel middle school teacher whose maniacal schemes and backstabs are more clever than the movie itself. But really, who wants to see Diaz, who’s now just shy of convincingly hot, stomp around the film being an absolute jerk to everyone? Hopefully not you, definitely not me."

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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Review – Fortress of Solitude

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga brings all the noise and heavy-metal action, but it also delivers an epic story about human resilience.

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Yesterday After Tomorrow Review: Mixed Bag of Emotions | Leisurebyte

Yesterday After Tomorrow Review: The movie has its moments but falls flat due to its lacking character depths and bad acting.

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5 Massive Movie Sequels Still Coming Your Way in 2024

What are some of the biggest movie sequels heading your way throughout the remainder of 2024? MenStuff takes a look at the most-anticipated incoming follow-ups.

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