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Warner Bros. to Pursue 'Green Lantern' Sequel

THR Writes: The studio won't walk away from the superhero franchise, despite the film’s soft box office performance.

Warner Bros. is already planning a sequel to Ryan Reynolds' superhero pic Green Lantern, despite the film’s soft performance at the box office.

Sources say Warners still believes in the franchise, even if the studio is “somewhat disappointed” with Green Lantern’s result.

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alycakes4059d ago

You know I don't think that's such a bad idea. If they wait a while and maybe they learned from their mistakes on the first one....they might make the second one a whole lot better. If they're going to make a sequel anyway we might as well hope for the best.

Soldierone4059d ago

The only issue I have so far is they were writing this script already last year. They did what all the other people friggin due and plan a sequel before the first one is out.

All the issues I had with the first one were story related. Lack of Green Lantern Corp. Lack of what Green Lanterns story is all about. Lack of other Green Lanterns showing how they depend on Hal Jordan. The question is can he tie all this stuff into a second one, or will we get another "potential to be good" film?

alycakes4059d ago

Well...let's hope they learned something from this one and they go back and do some rewriting.

darklordzor4059d ago

I'm sure there will be some re-writes. I think on the whole most of what they did last year was the outline. Now that they are moving ahead with it, they'll commission a full script treatment. Could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

Still I think they can learn from their mistakes and make this work. I think it's a franchise worth saving. I saw a lot of things I liked in the movie as well, and want to see them expound on those.

Soldierone4059d ago

Green Lantern is totally worth saving if he can be done properly. The stories he has are absolutely amazing. The only time he gets bland is something i said before, when John takes over (the black guy for Green Lantern) because he has no character and no back story like Hal does. At least to me he doesn't, so he should only be used for Justice League.

alycakes4059d ago

I agree with both of you and I hope these people that think they're so smart get their thinking caps on and get it right this time around.