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'Cars 2’ Wins the Race, But Not By A Landslide

The sequel to Pixar’s least-lauded franchise underperformed this weekend both critically and commercially. Cars 2 marked the first Pixar film in its brief history to score rotten on the Tomatometer. At 34% positive reviews, the animated children’s film was even less hailed than the R-rated comedy Bad Teacher, which received 46% positive reviews. Yet the “Cars” franchise is not a complete and utter failure. It placed in the number one spot at the box office with $68 million, standard compared to previous Pixar summer entries.

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alycakes4066d ago

I don't know when I'll see this...I know I will but probably not for a while yet. I might even wait on this one until it comes out on dvd.

Quagmire4065d ago

Its worth watching. It is entertaining, and you wont feel sorry for having watched it.

I say buy a cheap ticket and go, its not the best Pixar film, however its not like any of their films are unlikeable.

JL4065d ago

I'll definitely be checking this out. I'm real interested in seeing it. I really enjoyed the first. Though I will probably have to wait till the Blu-ray comes out. But still definitely want to see it. I don't care what critics are saying either. They called the first one the worst Pixar movie, but I really enjoyed that one.

Winkle924066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I was so worried about this one. But it seemed doomed to fail. I mean, Pixar went from Cars 1 which was about small town values, friendship, and community- to Cars 2- about international spies. That's like making Toy Story 4 about Andy taking Woody to World War 3 as an adult. It just ignores all the core values that made the first one so special and replaces them with explosions.

However, I think this is only a bump in the road with Pixar. Their upcoming movie, Brave, looks to be the Pixar we know and love.

alycakes4065d ago

I do know I want to see it because I enjoyed the first one so I'll be sure to go.