Actors Who Can't Escape the Roles That Made Them Famous

From TMP:

Every actor dreams of being successful. For actors, the success they seek usually culminates in that one big role that changes an actor’s life forever. It’s the role that really puts them on the map. The role that takes them from the ‘No List’ to the A-List, the Moby Dick of acting better known as ‘The Role That Changed My Life’. It’s the role that makes an actor famous, the one role that they will forever by associated with as they go down in Hollywood history.

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alycakes4061d ago

I hate to say it but I am the worlds worst about placing someone because of a role they played. I still call Elijah Wood, Frodo when I see him....I can't think of his real name fast enough so I call him Frodo's really bad.

It's not like that with everybody but it is with some stars.