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Iconic Batman Scene to Take Place in 'The Dark Knight Rises'?

Batman-news: The Dark Knight Rises filmed at Wollaton Hall this past week, and Guy Jenkins of “Allergic Films” sent in some really cool set photos. First, we see Wollaton Hall, which will be used as the rebuilt Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight Rises. The next batch of photos from Jenkins show the set of what could be an iconic Batman scene from the comics, and animated TV series. I’d consider this a minor spoiler, so continue reading if you choose.

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Soldierone4063d ago


Its Nolans last, its bales last, it has Bane in it, why not kill Batman at the end of this ? It will be the most epic thing comic book movies have ever done, period. That alone would take a huge chunk out of Avengers if you ask me.

darklordzor4063d ago

Still on harping on that one huh? :)

I think it could be interesting but I just don't see it happening. It's Dark Knight RISES. Typically a death wouldn't imply that he's rising up, unless you're talking about into Heaven. It just doesn't seem to fit with the title. It's about him overcoming his greatest obstacle.

Soldierone4063d ago

Thats what the whole Bane story was about too. He doesn't technically "die" but when he gets his back broken he pretty much gives up entirely on everything and someone new takes his place. I'm not asking for Batman to die off in the movie, just disappear or some creative way of ending Nolans run. I mean all these other directors are so scared to make an ending like that, but Nolan isn't...look at Inception.

Reading up on Banes history some more, he is so perfect for Nolans universe but I don't see how you could include him without something major happening. He hates Batman with a passion.

PLUS The one thing I REALLY want out of this is Doomsday's story in Superman. If we can get this story out for Batman it will be so much easier to persuade Zach to do that with Superman in the future and now that has me excited.

JL4063d ago

I'm with you Soldier. I've been saying it since it was announced that Bane was the villain: break his break. End Batman on a truly epic note.

Most of Hollywood is scared to do such an ending and they always want to have that "good guy prevails in the end" type of thing. I think Nolan could be one willing to take that chance, though (of course I'm not sure WB wouldn't veto the idea).

Seriously, though, if he breaks Batman's back, the word-of-mouth publicity this movie gets will be HUGE. And the movie will be talked about for ages, and of course Nolan talked about as taking the comic book genre to a whole other level once again.

Soldierone4063d ago

Who is this rogue person disagreeing with everything? lol I don't think its Dark cus I didn't have a disagree when he replied.

However imagine this scenario too. Batman gets his back broken, goes out of commission. WB gets the point of creating a Justice League, suddenly "Batman" is back trying to form this Justice League. People will be going nuts. It could even be someone other than Bruce Wayne doing it, and this person (Nightwing) brings Batman to the League because he got everyone else.

darklordzor4063d ago

Nothing too exciting here. I honestly have been okay with them not really going back and forth about his parents' death. I think they handled it perfectly in the first film and need to keep moving forward. That was an issue I had with the first series of Batman movies. Each one kept coming back to his childhood years, with new flashbacks. In the end it felt like something that Batman hadn't moved on from and was actually holding him back, instead of spurring him forward. I'm glad they haven't really revisited it.

noxeven4063d ago

I have a feeling that were gonna see bane brake his back and nightwing take over as batman. Now you can say well they haven't introduced nightwing let alone robin but honestly time jumps and basically who cares it would be interesting. dark knight rises is the title think about it as an option

krazykombatant4063d ago

Both nolan and Bale have made it clear there will be no robin. Bale has said of not even doing the role if robin was ever involved.

JL4063d ago

Right. Both (especially Bale) have stated they have no interest in a Robin character.

Just have Bane break Batman's back at the end of the movie in the "final battle". Make it so the good guy loses.

Granted, I know typically a story needs "resolve" and you can't exactly have that if it just ends with that. Maybe instead have Gordon and the force/community rise up and Gordon leads a sting that nabs Bane shortly thereafter.

alycakes4063d ago

That's what I thought. I knew I'd heard that somewhere.

Sahil4063d ago

I knew it.. Batman Rest in Peace, makes this one a must-watch :)