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Project-Blu Blu Ray Review: 'Unknown'

Unknown may hit store shelves as a bit of a mystery to many, but it has all the elements in place to be successful. A solid script, an amazing cast, and enough intrigue to keep you in your seat from beginning to end. It doesn't hold your hand through the journey, either, making it a success, albeit not a genre redefining one. The Blu-ray release for Unknown is very good, but a step below excellent, and features little in terms of supplements. Give it at least a rent, but do consider a blind purchase. This film readily invites a repeat viewing or two.

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Sahil4060d ago

Nice movie, Neeson rocked another movie :)

alycakes4059d ago

I just got it last week and I'm going to watch it this week sometime....can't wait. I've got a lot to do this week so I won't be home much so I'll have to work it in somehow.

Quagmire4059d ago

Not as good as Taken, but still a decent watch