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LRA: Sucker Punch - Blu-ray Review

LRA writes: If you're going to fail then fail least that seems to be the mantra director/writer Zack Snyder was shooting for with his very first original film. There really is nothing more heartbreaking to a film geek like myself when you see such potential in something that should have been a monster hit and then see it all turn out so poorly. You had guns, girls, mutant samurais, killer robots, dragons, goblins, giant anime inspired mech suits, steam powered zombies and even robust musical numbers but some how it all fell flat and ultimately became a waste of time for everyone involved from the people behind the camera to those of us in front of the television screen. Sucker Punch is without a doubt my biggest disappointment of the past couple years.

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MrMyers4688d ago

i gotta agree with this. the movie had potential but ended up just falling on its face. couldn't even appreciate the visuals of it due to the missed opportunity here. bad writing, contrived story, just overall sloppy. some scenes were cool but even still it didn't impress totally in that department either. just the same old snyder stuff and not even his best work.

Inside_out4687d ago (Edited 4687d ago )


The movie is a masterpiece, it's to bad it went over everyone's head especially this reviewers. If people are asked to think a little it seems to confuse

"All the filmmakers had to do was provide some sort of context for these worlds, maybe show Baby doll looking through some old books at the insane asylum that had dragons, war images or something."

...somebody needs to send that quote to Zach Snyder, he would be rolling on the floor. I don't pretend to understand every aspect of Sucker Punch, but all I'm going to say is sometimes scenes are not meant to be taken literally but more maybe Nostradamus writings or the book of Daniel in the old Testament.

The story is about as complex a story as it gets with many hidden occult meanings and imagery.
Why is Baby doll on the bed in the beginning while Sweat pea is the narrator. Sweat pea claims that guardian angels sometimes can be an " old man " or a " little girl " who is telling the story??? Sweet Pea or Baby Doll??? Then a brilliant sequence of events that tell a very disturbing story unfolds without a word being said but everything being understood. Did you happen to notice who was sitting on the bed when Baby Doll was being brought into the asylum theater area??? Did you see how when the music is played, they jump into another attention, it's sweet Pea that is wearing a white wig about to receive a lobotomy....hmmmm...but isn't Baby doll going to receive a lobotomy???...o_O

The reason you don't see her or anybody else perform a " hypnotizing dance " for the fellas is because the movie is get where I'm going or to we need to provide a picture pop-up book...ALL the girls are being abused in the asylum and being used as concubines which the alternate reality clearly shows. Rocket explains it to Baby Doll on the tour of the facility. All the girls are wearing skimpy clothes because that is the way they are being treated and the way the " narrator/dreamer " views it. The " psychiatrist " is teaching the girls to go to their " happy place " in order to survive the abuse.

Anyways, the ending is fantastic and raises many more questions. Is it Sweet Pea or Baby Doll who is telling the story. Sweet Pea is the narrator and is talking at the end??? You see the wise old man as the bus driver? The little boy getting off the bus you saw during the WW1/2 battle. The sign at the end of the movie saying " Paradise " ...a common theme throughout. The mech you see in the ww1/2 battle has the same bunny on the front as Baby Dolls little sister has in the bed with her in the very beginning? Is it Baby Doll or not? Are all the girls real or just a part of the SAME person. Baby Doll is knocked back into " reality " by a punch from one of the bodyguards. Is it real or is it all a dream??? They are heard saying she started a fire, stabbed an orderly ( Blue is NOT an orderly )and helped another patient escape???...she then receives a lobotomy and returns to her " happy place " that the " sucker punch "???...

A good movie/story will keep you guessing till the end...a great movie/story will keep you guessing after it is done. Can't wait for the next superman movie being done by Zack Snyder.

-MD-4687d ago

Honestly I liked it for what it was. I watched it 2 nights ago and had a good time.

Johnny Jiron4687d ago

I enjoyed it. Not sure why. Maybe I just needed some bright fancy visuals that night and nothing more. But now the gray winter behind I wonder how this movie will fare with me.
Saw in the review that the additional 17 minutes didnt help it much in anyway...and little on the extras also? Suppose I'll take the reviewers word and rent first.

alycakes4687d ago

Haven't seen it yet but I'm sure I will in the near future.

Soldierone4687d ago

Bad reviews for the movie didn't stop me, bad reviews for the Blu-ray sure as hell is not going to stop me either lol. Once you start up a hate train for something, its never going to stop.

-MD-4687d ago

It didn't deserve the reviews it got. I remember one douchebag gave it a 0/10. Sure the story is kinda whack but the action pieces are awesome.

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