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Fast & Furious 6 Release Date is May 24, 2013

The Collider Writes: Universal has just announced the next Fast and the Furious movie will hit theaters May 24, 2013 (which is Memorial Day weekend). You might remember that Universal showed a Fast and Furious 6 promo poster at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last week, so the 2013 release date was already known. What we didn’t know was the date.

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Quagmire4686d ago

Bring it on! Fast Five was epic, the only complaint I had was thet it was less of a racing/driving film as it was about a bank heist, although that left more room some great for character and story development, and on-foot action scenes and car chases.

I hope the sixth film goes all out, and hopefully its the last.

Soldierone4686d ago

I haven't seen the last one so i dont know how I feel about this.

Fast and Furios was a let down to me, thats why I passed on Fast Five. However Tokyo Drift was my favorite so i hope they return to that character since he was all about cars, and thats why i see these movies.

alycakes4686d ago

I think this one is going to take place where they think they saw Vin's ex girlfriend pull a heist at the end of the last movie...I can't remember what country now...I'll have to watch it again.

crazy9z4684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

Berlin, Germany is where Fast Six is taking place... just watch the end of Fast Five and watch the end of the credits.

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