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First Look: John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in 'The Raven'

Inside Movies EW Writes: Given that he wrote about people who were slowly tortured, buried alive, and haunted by seemingly malevolent animals – and also married his 13-year-old cousin.

So it’s really saying something when you creep-out Edgar Allan Poe.

In The Raven (out March 9), John Cusack stars as the doomed author in a fictionalized story set in 1849 about the hunt for a serial killer who takes macabre inspiration from his tales.

Hear more about the story …The serial killer in The Raven uses inspiration from Poe the way the murder in Se7en borrowed his motif from the Seven Deadly Sins.

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Nes_Daze4060d ago

This might be worth watching, I like the fictional idea but hopefully there won't be too many inaccuracies with Poe's life.

Sahil4060d ago

He looks like taller version of dustin hoffman :)

alycakes4060d ago

His eyes look wicked in this picture. I can't wait to see this. Always liked the Edgar Allen Poe stuff anyway. I'm sure this will be worth going to see.

darklordzor4059d ago

I think Cusack was the perfect choice for Poe. Hell, even without the period piece outfit, he just looks the part. Great casting, let's hope the movie pays off though. I'd love to see a great Poe movie.