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Jason Statham, Robert De Niro & Clive Owen in Official 'Killer Elite' Trailer

"The gloves are off!" OmniLab and Open Road Films have just debuted the official trailer for Killer Elite, a badass-looking action flick from Australia starring Jason Statham as a elite killer, Robert De Niro as the guy he's saving, and Clive Owen as the bad guy. That's a hell of a cast and I'm hoping that means this is awesome. This trailer is fun as hell anyway, especially with that orchestral "Rock You Like a Hurricane", I want to see it after watching that! The girl is Yvonne Strahovski and it also includes Dominic Purcell and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Give it a shot, it's pure action, but it might be good. Plus, damnit - it's De Niro!

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alycakes4062d ago

I already knew I was going to love this movie with Jason Statham and Clive Owen but now that I know it's based on a true story even more so. I had no idea. It looks really good...just like any good action flick with lots of drama...who would have thought that it was based on actual people.

Leio4061d ago

Worst soundtrack since slice bread :S

Sahil4060d ago

Statham/Owen/DeNiro.. I didn't thought of it before but that trailer looks sick!