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Cars 2 Review at Skewed and Reviewed

Kena at Skewed and Reviewed looks at the latest Pixar film "Cars 2" and loved the 3D film. She cited the great characters and animation as something for the entire family.

Soldierone4542d ago

Funny thing is. With Green Lantern im seeing bad reviews, but was hearing mostly positive stuff coming from people that actually saw it. There were a few that didn't like it, but they simply read the reviews then go in with that idea and come out repeating the review.

With Cars 2 its the complete opposite. Im seeing moderate to positive reviews, but my friends that have seen it have said its the worst Pixar film

JL4542d ago

I don't know, it's seeming reviews for this are moderate at best, save the few that give it positive reviews. But the general consensus among critics seem that it's lackluster. Currently it has an average score of 5.5/10 on RT.

That being said, critics and movie lovers both ragged on the first one, too. Even to the point that many considered it the worst Pixar movie. I didn't feel that way and actually enjoyed the first, more over I enjoyed it more than several other Pixar movies.

After stuff like Sucker Punch getting panned and The Kids Are All Right getting praised (among thousands of other examples), I'm done listening to the "general consensus" when it comes to critics.

Soldierone4542d ago

I read a thing on Yahoo that listed all the "major" reviews. They had more positive than negative, i just used that combined with the moderate ones see here.

Personally Cars is my least favorite title from Pixar to begin with, but im being forced to see the second lol

Garethvk4542d ago

It's aimed more at kids than others for sure.

alycakes4542d ago

I still enjoyed the first one. I won't be going out of my way to see the second but I will see it eventually.

I'm not one to listen to critics anyway...never have. I go see what I know I like. Even then sometimes I have disappointed myself but only a couple of times have I been wrong about whether I would like a movie or not. Now....not everybody has the same taste in movies that I have but it's me I'm trying to please.

Nes_Daze4542d ago

I think this Cars movie might be better than the first, it looks like it has a lot more going on in every way.

-MD-4541d ago

Might tag along with the nephew to see it in theaters but if that doesn't happen I'll just catch it sometime down the road with him. I'm not SUPER interested in a sequel even though the first one was decent enough.

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