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( Green Lantern: Emerald Knights Review

Arcee: If you read my review of the Green Lantern feature film starring Ryan Reynolds, you know how severely disappointed I was with the treatment that the character received in that adaptation. To cleanse my mind of that wad of filth, I went out and purchased the Green Lantern: Emerald Knights direct to home animated feature by Warner Premiere. I was hoping, that under the right and caring hands behind the DC animated universe, the character would receive the proper respect that it deserved and had received in previous DC animated films – Justice League: The New Frontier and Green Lantern: First Flight. Thankfully, the people at Warner Premiere know just what to do with a character like Green Lantern.

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alycakes4065d ago

I bought this as soon as it came out and loved it. I still have to disagree with you a little on the other movie though. I actually enjoyed most of the Green Lantern movie. Yes, it has a lot of things that could have been better and I think they could have left Blake Lively out or used someone else to play the part but it was still enjoyable to watch.

There's been so many personalities of Green Lantern in the comics thru the years and this is just showing a close similarity to one of them so it didn't bother me that it wasn't the best of the best movies ever made.

Soldierone4065d ago

Have you seen Blackest Knight? I loved that one, was wondering if this one was just as good?

I also liked the actual movie released in theaters, so perhaps Ill like this one either way. Kinda makes me want to go back and read Green Lantern. The whole reason I stopped and wasn't interested for a while was because of when they switched to John Stewart, his character has little to nothing behind him, and he has no character. He was perfect for justice league, but thats it.

Arcee4065d ago

They made a Blackest Night movie? Or are you referring to the comic event in the GL titles?

alycakes4065d ago

Haven't seen Blackest it good? Emerald Knights is very good..worth picking up.

Soldierone4064d ago

My bad it was called First Flight lol, was talking to someone about the Blackest Night comic series right before typing that.

Arcee4064d ago

Ah, yes, I did see First Flight. I actually kind of liked it though they did rush the Sinestro angle. So far, my favorite take on GL has been in The New Frontier. That Hal Jordan and his origin has been my favorite depiction so far. First Flight was good though. But so far, when it comes to GL flicks, I do prefer this one the most just because they touch more on what makes the Corps a big part of what makes Jordan so important to the DCU.