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Arcee: In my humble opinion, Green Lantern is pretty much one big joke. There are some moments that show what promise this movie had, but overall, I don’t think many of the people behind this film really took it seriously. There was so much that could have been done with the character and concept of the Green Lantern and the Corps, but it all seems wasted as the movie seems to have been written around Ryan Reynolds and his style of acting and comedy instead of trying to make Reynolds more like Hal Jordan. Reynolds is more than capable of pulling off a more serious character. Don’t believe me? Check out The Amityville Horror, Smokin’ Aces and Buried. Ryan Reynolds is more than just a comedic actor, my friends, even if the majority of Hollywood would have you think otherwise.

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Soldierone4635d ago

Got to see it, an early bday present for me! haha Was WAY better than I thought it was going to be. Everyone is saying it sucked, but i loved it. Yeah I have a few nagging complaints, like all the talking heads they had, but overall was very satisfied.

Honestly I felt like a little kid getting all happy after I watched the after credits stuff. Unlike Marvel, it was just for Green Lantern and not Justice League or something haha.

Personally the cartoon version is a better origin story, but why remake the same story? There is a thing for remakes and doing stories like this, you do it your own way and bring something new to the story. And they did just that.

DarkBlood4635d ago

was there soemthing after the credits?

i didnt really stick around for that like the time i didnt or did see a scene in x-men last stand which i believe was after the credits or it didnt take long to show up its been a while lol

Soldierone4635d ago

They don't force you to sit through the ENTIRE credits like Marvel does. They just get through the actors and main portion, which is while it all looks cool. Then a short little scene setting up the second movie comes up.

Wasn't anything big. SPOILER one of the green lanterns goes and puts on the yellow ring. If you know Green Lantern you know who it is.

DarkBlood4634d ago

its the first time i ever got really involved in the green lantern barely know anything about it beside seeing what he can do in the justice league of america cartoon

but (anyone else reading this dont look if u dont want spoliers in some form) im going to guess its that purple guy with the moustache id say his name but im hard of hearing so i miss a couple of dialog here and there

but he didnt seem like a bad guy to me espically at the end so it'll be interesting to see why he did put on the ring

if what u say which i'll take your word for it is true then the little ad on the cineplex website with a picture of him and some words saying hes a bad guy or something then that was a dead spolier epic fail giveaway lol

Soldierone4634d ago


Yeah It was Sinestro. The red guy (im assuming purple to you haha?) with the Hitler mustache. To me he was putting off that vibe the entire time, and I thought he was going to put on the ring in this movie.

Only thing that sucks is the movie was more of a summary. Green Lantern has TONS of stuff to build off of, and they basically touched base on things here and there. Was one of the few nagging points I had with it. So with that being said, not many people are going to get all excited like I did when they see him put on the ring :P

You can read a little bit about him here

Arcee4634d ago

Personally, I do hope they make a sequel. I am sure if they had just one thing/villain to focus on, they would do a much better job.

For me, since I am just a huge fan of the character, I just want to see him done right. I wish I could have separated the comic fan in me just a bit for this movie and quell some of my expectations, but I couldn't. I hope I don't do the same for the Cap movie coming out next month.

DarkBlood4634d ago


lol my bad i swore he was purple but i took a closer look at some pics i must of said that because of the begining of the movie he was talking to his brother i think if they were anyways.

what happen there i actually thought Sinestro caused lol maybe its that moustache that looked evil :P

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