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Player Affinity | Why 2011 Isn't The Comeback Summer We Expected

Player Affinity writes: This summer has been quite a bummer, Judy Moody. After the debacle that was 2010, true movie fans hoped that this year would be a comeback year for Hollywood. No more shrinking revenues or slimming attendance due to lackluster titles no one cared about. Yet somehow, even with bigger tentpoles in place, plenty of hype and excitement, and burgeoning production and marketing budgets, 2011 is already being written off in favor of next year’s offerings like The Avengers, Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises.

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Assumedkilla4062d ago

A lot of people are liking the recession is over, but it's still here... just slightly better than before. The way they have these summer blockbusters lined up most of us would be spending around $50 a month on sub-par movies (excluding First Class). Double that for us guys taking dates to the movies, no thanks.