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Yahoo Posts New Trailer For Captain America: The First Avenger

Yahoo has posted a new Trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger. The new footage gives us a better look at the film which opens in July.

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JL4635d ago

Eh, just more of the same really. Nothing that entices me more to see it. I mean it could be real good, and I will see it eventually, but I'm not overly excited about this.

I will say, though, that the special effects work they did to put Evans' face on that little body is absolutely great. I do like some of the set designs in the city, too.

Christopher4635d ago

It is more of the same, but I'm already sold on the movie. Green Lantern, unfortunately, met my lowest expectations. If Captain America does what I think it will, I'll be way more than happy with the movie and can't wait to see how they play it out in The Avengers and future Captain America movies.

Garethvk4635d ago

I hate the converted 3d. I also think the World War 2 theme may alienate some.

DarkBlood4634d ago

how so, wouldnt most be used to the whole world war thing by now?

MrMyers4635d ago

this looks like it could be pretty good. the whole theme of it makes it look like it could be a bit of a refreshing addition to the comic book movies. i'll be sure to check it out.

Garethvk4635d ago

My concern is that Cap is better suited as part of The Avengers rather than carrying a film on his own.

Christopher4635d ago

I gotta disagree with this. I've always felt the big egos and complex differences in abilities didn't work well.

Stark, total ego maniac who thinks he should be making more decisions

Banner who just sits back until he gets angry and then he tends to cause more harm than good and kicks butt on everyone but Thor

Thor who pops in invariably, does whatever he wants, is way too powerful, has a backstory that is vastly outside of the typical earth-focused Marvel Universe.

I do believe that Captain is in need of some modernization, but this movie goes back to his source and I hope to see those necessary updates made in the sequel and Avengers.

alycakes4634d ago

I'm on the fence with this one. I'm glad they're doing individual movies and I'm glad Joss Whedon is doing Avengers but I don't know that The Avengers was necessary. Don't get me wrong...just knowing that we have so much to look forward to this summer is fantastic but things can get over done sometimes until they begin to bypass quality.

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