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'Men in Black 3': Delays, Script Problems and Will Smith's Really Big Trailer

The Wrap says:

The latest stories off the set of the big, bloated “Men in Black III” project suggest a runaway production -- from script problems to an oversized budget to movie-star behavior to a shooting schedule from hell.

Insiders close to the Sony sequel dispute this. But they agree that the tension on the New York set has ratcheted up of late as the film heads toward the end of principal shooting.

Star Will Smith headed back to L.A. last week for two days, setting off more reports of production problems. (It’s not clear there were any.)

krazykombatant4475d ago

Will just start doing fresh prince of bel-air again and it'll be great.. Maybe if you do that eddie murphy will start to be funny again and go back to stand up. And THEN maybe jim carrey will start funny movies again. (I WANT ACE VENTURA!)

Quagmire4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Sounds like you're craving for a Delorean.

I still hold hope for this film. MIB is one of my most favourite films ever, 2 was alright, but 1 was def the best.

darklordzor4475d ago

Agreed. I watched 2 the other day and couldn't stop I wish this was 1. The first film was great and used a very unique idea. The problem with sequels, is that the idea is no longer unique. It's mostly just the same thing.

Kind of like Hangover 2. The first one was great, so they just copy and pasted it for the second film. That's a lot like MIB

Defectiv3_Detectiv34475d ago

2 was kind of atrocious; It was just recycled a lot of the gags from the original. I like to think of it as a bunch of deleted/extended scenes from part one.

Also, fun fact about the original: it started shooting without a script.

darklordzor4475d ago

Sad to hear. And you know, at this point with all of the issues and problems from this movie, I'm no longer interested in it. As for Will Smith, I've always loved his movies and think he's great in just about any role...But he hasn't done much of anything lately, outside of sound way too demanding.

alycakes4475d ago

I really wasn't looking forward to this one. I liked the first one and the second was okay. I didn't care one way or another if a third was made but now I think maybe they should have left it alone.

darklordzor4475d ago

Yeah it feels like the real window of opportunity and interest for this film passed a long time ago.

artsaber4475d ago

Has a trailer that you could fit a Semi-truck in. So talented, I wish he would do more films.

MrMyers4474d ago

i'll be interested in seeing this. the other two were fun movies. will smith is really seeming like a prima donna lately though but he is a good actor.


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