He'll Be Back: Thomas Gibson Closes Deal To Continue On 'Criminal Minds'

Dead Line Exclusive: This was close: After lengthy and rough negotiations, Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson just signed a deal to return to the veteran CBS drama only two weeks before it is scheduled to begin production on its upcoming seventh season. I hear Gibson has signed on for two more years in a deal worth mid-to-high seven figures, plus a signing bonus, with the actor more than doubling his previous salary.

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alycakes4072d ago

I'm so glad this is finally settled. This is one of my favorite shows right now. It's very intense and it deals with a lot of serious issues but at the same time the actors are great at what they do.

CobraKai4072d ago

I always thought this guy would make a great TV Batman.

alycakes4071d ago

That would have never occured to me...but you're right. I really like him....I'm just glad he's back.