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'Super 8' Star, Joel Courtney, In Talks For 'Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn' And 'The Healer'

The Collider Writes: Following the success of his big-screen debut in Super 8, 15-year-old Joel Courtney has just landed a couple more projects. Variety reports that the actor is currently in talks to star as Tom Sawyer in Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn and he’s also in negotiations for the indie The Healer. Tom Sawyer will be written and directed by Jo Kastner, based on the classic Mark Twain tale. Filming is scheduled to begin this August in Bulgaria, because it’s the one place in the world that looks exactly like 1850’s Missouri.

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Soldierone3584d ago

I was actually wondering if Hollywood would exploit him. He was extremely talented in Super 8 and these roles honestly feel fitting to his character. I would love to check them out just to see how he pulls them off.

JL3584d ago

I'm wondering how he'd actually fit the Tom Sawyer role. He seems like a good wholesome boy-next-door type of kid. However, Tom Sawyer was the troublesome, conniving, menace type of kid always getting into stuff.

alycakes3584d ago

That what actors are for I guess. I think he's going to have a long career ahead of him if he doesn't screw his life up. Hopefully he'll have a good support system around him that will keep him in check so he doesn't end up on the wild side of the Hollywood track.